Do you want to know who were the Led Zeppelin worshippers, who released one of the most valuable albums in history?


How about the band who warned people that their brain might be destroyed if they’ll listen to their psychedelic masterpiece more than once a day?

Or what about the mysterious Folk icon missing from South Africa, only to be found decades later in Detroit, completely unaware of his stardom?





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Meticulously researched for years by 60’s-70’s Rock enthusiast Ra’anan Chelled, the book “Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars” compiles the finest 100 obscure bands from all the corners of the world and from all shades of Rock music in the years 1968-1976:

Progressive Rock, Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Krautrock, Acid Folk and more.

this is going to be your must-read guide to the uncharted musical territories of the era.


Read all about Comus, a band idolized by David Bowie and within reach of making it big, only to lose it all, moonlight writing music for erotic films, and eventually record one of the most unique and twisted Folk albums ever.

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put on your earphones and let your mind be blown...


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